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Testimonio about World March


Sergio is a painter in Santiago de Chile and supporter of the World March. He shared his testimonio during the concert at the Parque por la Paz Villa Grimaldi
(English translation below):


Hi. My name is Sergio Quispe and I will speak a little to you about my experience with the March and my personal story. First of all, here in Chile  there was a fairly violent period, there was a lot of suffering for a long time, where violent was present on a daily basis. The problem is that despite the arrival of democracy, some aspects have not changed and the topic of struggling against that violence is a bit more secret is our duty now and the consciousness we have to take so there can be that change within my country, Chile. In regards to that, nowadays the social role of the March for nonviolence is to gain awareness,  to denounce, and to try to make the most possible change throughout this globalized world so that there is a greater connection with peace,  so small at this moment.  I think is is indispensable that people become connected through this idea and generate a whole movement within which we may become energized and have a common objective which is to beat violence in these days. And it has to do with [the Marche's] contribution and protection.  I think this denunciation can be a first step among many that can be taken so that future generations can live in a country and a community of nonviolence or of more controlled violence so that there may not be so much aggression of all kinds, such as the media. In my view it is necessary that all these topics be approached and become subject of conversation, of debate, of change, totally contemporary. I give thanks to be here. I will always participate of these things because they are part of my life and I invite you all to join this. We take off, bye. 


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Sergio Quispe, age 38, Chilean painter, WM supporter


Parque por la Paz Villa Grimaldi, Santiago de Chile



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