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Testimonio about the World March


.   Gloaria is a peace activist and career choach from New York, USA,  who took part in the days of World March activities in NYC, accompanied by   her three macaws. She wrote the following testimonio at a cafe, while debriefing with other participants about the ceremony for reconciliation that had just taken place at ground zero, in Manhanttan (translation below):

The March and I
. My 3 blue & gold macaws, 11 and a half yr. old Mr. BABY and 12 yr old mate, Ms. MERLIN and their 1 yr old "son," Mr. PEACE-NIK, are The Parrots for Peace, Rain-forest Ambassadors and Spokes Avians for Wildlife and Nature (now with a child they also have a nuclear family against nuclear energy). They March in many "peace," "ecology," "green-sustainability” awareness events. They "performed" as peace ambassadors at the Vigil for International Peace, The World Peace Prayer Society and lecture at universities. Many one-on-one encounters at Pow Wows and clear-water events at the Beacon Sloop Club are opportunities to promote their message: "May there be peace and harmony between all people, animals and nature on our one shared mother earth."
The March and the World. It keeps alive the currency of a Compassion Philosophy in this time and circumstance so that non-violent activism are not relegated to a past time or different location than our hearts and minds in every moment and situation. One person can and does make a difference. Lift the despair by showing like-minded people can magnetize each other to  form a creative coalition to make positive change.
The March and the Future. The seeds get planted with every thought and action to form ripples of positive possibilities to take shape organically to manifest a world with alternative ways o resolve age old conflicts with the tools of language, hope, universal compassion and creative efforts.
Other Topics.The importance of understanding the interconnectedness of life is critical in building a new world peace


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Gloria Waslyn, age 59, USA, career coach, WM supporter and marcher in the Brooklyn Manhattan route, and attendant at the Ground Zero Ceremony of Reconciliation.


Ground Zero, Manhattan, New York, USA.



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