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Moments of the World March

At the Bogota World March Office

On Dec. 12th 2009 the Memoscopio team met in Bogota, capital of Colombia, to join a group of students and activist who would travel the Andean route of the March under the banner of Viajer@s por la Paz. As we waited for the international marchers to arrive to Colombia from their central American tour, Memoscopio gathered the testimonios of the organizers and supporters of the march in Colombia, who met while hang out at the local World Without Wars office. The   testimonios in this selection feature the experiences of some of the core organizers of the march in Bogota, many of then linked to the humanist movement, as well as of peace activists, student, and artists from Bogota and other cities who played a key role in promoting the march, organizing events, and coordinating the delegation of marchers from Colombia.  The testimonios were gathered the days before the March's arrival, on Dec. 13 and 14 2009.
The accounts that Jose, Claudia, David, and German shared center on the relationship between the larger context of the March to their personal experience. They experience the March through the lens of a long standing commitment to peace, and a critical analysis of a world that is under threat and in urgent need of nonviolence.  The March is for them is an exercise in nurturing one's own awareness, imagination, inspiration, and capacity to share that vision with others.
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