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Moments of the World March

At the Armenia City Hall

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The nine testimonios we feature here were recorded during the first stop of the Viajeros por la Paz, in the city of Armenia. The testimonios were contributed  during and after a reception with the Givernor at City Hall.  Enrique, Bibiana, Kai, Juan Pablo, and Fabio spoke during the reception. Their testimonios, which were part of the event's program, help illustrate how sharing and liestening to testimonios was a central part of many World March activities. Isa, Mago, Norma, and Particia are among the organizers of the March in Armenia. Their testimonios show how  arrival of the international marchers is a resource for local organizers who can them gain the attention from of  local polititians. The global scale of the March makes it locally relevant, a photo oportunity for event for presidents and other leaders, and even tho they may not be committed to the World March mission.        

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