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Moments of the World March

Organizing in Mendoza















In late November 2009, three weeks before the World March arrive in Mendoza, four of the core local organizers met with Antonia from Memoscopio to reflect on the year of preparation leading up to that point. The video above features one of the many activities that resulted  from their work and that took place prior to the arrival of the March in the city.

In the testimonies featured here, Esteban, Pam, Marta, Magali, and Tania  give heartfelt accounts of an awakened or deepened sense of possibility in the context of the March and their work with the humanist movement and World Without Wars.  The accounts center on these organizers’ evolving understandings of the March in relation to the responses that received from other activists, colleagues, friends, and other contacts in Mendoza. Their testimonies are reflections on the ongoing work of cultivating hope through the ebb and flow of activist victories and failures. The themes of emotion (joy, despair, hope, and inspiration), coherence, collective work, and resilience are central to their experiences of the March. It is possible to hear, by listening across these testimonies, the conversations that this group of organizers held, during the year of preparation, about the meaning of the March as a personal and collective journey through certainty and doubt. 


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